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Here's what's happening at Dreaming Gates...

  • 8/26/06 - Shipping Changes - Shipping is now $6.99 flat. (Shipping on the new cart is $5.99, though!)
  • 4/5/05 - Product Changes - Strawberry and Goetic Triangle incense are back; 10-packs of cones are discontinued.
  • 1/3/05 - Discontinued - Orange River Chalcedony and Large-Inclusion Blood Quartz are permanently out of stock.
  • 12/2/04 - New Product - Chain, silver-tone, cobra style Jewelry now available.
  • 11/11/04 - New Products - Wintergreen, Eucalyptus, and Camphor oils and bath salts are now available.
  • 9/7/04 - Price Change - Parchment paper. Due to the rising cost of materials and time, we have made a 10-cent price increase (our first since 1998). We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • 8/11/04 - Website Upgrade - Our shopping cart has been upgraded and can now calculate coupon values upon checkout.
  • 8/10/04 - New Products - We now offer Dreaming Gates merchandise through
  • 6/1/04 - Clearance - There are now white as well as black quills available on clearance.
  • 10/25/03 - New Products - The "This Promotion Stinks" Game begins - Name our new incense blend and win!
  • 10/23/03 - New Products - We have brand new incense kinds for your enjoyment: Amber, Nag Champa, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Witching Hour, and ???.
  • 10/7/03 - Discontinued - Our suncatchers (formerly listed under "Miscellaneous"), DragonKind incense, 'Sex on the Beach' incense, and Sphinx incense are officially discontinued. (Sorry!)
  • 8/18/03 - New Products - New varieties on a favorite old theme!   Check out our cool new Flask style bottle necklaces and our Silver Spiral Cage Pendants.
  • 11/18/02 - New Products - We now feature Cedarwood Oil and Bath Salts as well as new herbs and spices: Frankincense Powder, Cinnamon Sticks, and Whole Cloves.   ("Natural Incense" codes also now begin with "h-" rather than "i-".)
  • 11/10/02 - Order Deadlines - To receive products by Christmas, orders must be paid by the following dates:  * Dec. 4 - Normal handling, pay by check;   * Dec. 11 - Normal handling, pay by money order / Paypal;   * Dec. 18 - Rush handling, pay by money order / Paypal.   Orders received after these dates may or may not arrive in time for the Holidays.
  • 10/30/02 - product discontinued - We will no longer be offering the 8" plain sage smudge bundles, however, we will continue to offer the 8" Healing Blend smudge bundles available on our Natural Incense page.
  • 10/26/02 - new product - Come see our new lovely "Extra Authentic" Parchment Paper.
  • 9/26/02 - cart improved - We have revamped the shopping cart to make purchasing even easier.   Now you can change quantities after adding them to your cart.
  • 9/21/02 - new product - Spiral Pendant with Stone - at an incredible 30% off retail price!
  • 9/18/02 - policy change - We no longer automatically backorder products.   This means, unless you tell us otherwise, your in-stock items are shipped together and the out-of-stock items, if any, are converted to credit.   Substitutions must now be similarly approved.
  • 9/5/02 - new clearance - Charcoal 5-packs are now available on clearance, while supplies last.
  • 9/1/02 - bulk & terms expanded - Bulk Prices available - business-to-business (B2B) terms expanded.
  • 8/30/02 - new products - Now available!   4 oz. Gift Jars,   2x12 in. baggies 50-pack,   and CLEARANCE Items!
  • 8/30/02 - price drop - 4x6 baggies are permanently reduced 40%!
  • 8/20/02 - new payment method - We now accept Yahoo! Paydirect for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards.
  • 7/23/02 - new products, prices - 4 oz. Deluxe Salts and golden Spiral Cage jewelry are now available.   Prices and quantities for some oils and necklaces have changed as well.
  • 7/2/02 - products discontinued - China Black and Oriental Rose tea have been discontinued by the manufacturer, and will no longer be offered.   Sorry.   But look for new fresh teas coming later this summer!
  • 7/1/02 - relocation complete - Our office is now completely relocated and business is returning to normal.   Remember, our shipping rates are staying the same (despite today's USPS increase), but their insurance rates have risen slightly.
  • 6/25/2002 - Update! - Good news... Our office relocation is finishing far ahead of schedule - we will be back to normal by the end of June.
  • 6/15/2002 until 7/31/02 - Important! - Dreaming Gates will undergo a major office relocation through the end of July.   Orders may be delayed up to ten days during this period, however, we do not expect this to impact business as usual.   Thank you for your patience.

    Following the relocation, our new mailing address will be:

       Dreaming Gates
       P. O. Box 3565
       Chester, VA 23831-8481
  • 6/10/02 - shipping rates - Our shipper (USPS) is raising their Priority rates, but we will stay the same.   We would rather absorb the extra cost than make you pay more.   Only optional shipping insurance will rise (by 20 cents), because the shipper directly controls that.   And as always, Delivery Confirmation is free!
  • 6/1/02 - coming soon - starting August 1, look for great new products including 4 oz. gift jars of frankincense, bath salts, and much more!
  • 4/12/02 - new products - imported Greek sage, loose or bundled, plus fresh juniper berries.
  • 1/28/02 - policy change - Checks and Personal Information: all checkwriters must now include their social security number on their checks for security purposes.
  • 1/25/02 - new products - Rose Soap, Temple Water, Essential Water.
  • 1/24/02 - product formula change - All bath salts now contain Dead Sea Salts in addition to their previous blend of healthful minerals and salts.
  • 1/24/02 - product name change - "Frankincense and Myrrh" oils and bath salts now called "FrankinMyrrh."
  • 1/24/02 - product code change - All "waters" including holy water and rose water now use the prefix "W-" instead of "MG-".
  • 1/22/02 - new products - Cauldron and Amulets
  • 1/10/02 - contact change - New toll-free number to send faxes and voice mails!   (866)206-9067 x3909   (Please remember to leave an e-mail address if you require an answer.)
  • 10/15/01 - site change - Extras and link pages moved into cart; old site moved into "archive" subdirectory.
  • 10/10/01 - site change - New "What's New" page added.
  • 10/07/01 - site change - All product pages completed in shopping cart!   Additional pages (links, etc.) will be moved over gradually.   Subsidiary site (formerly "Main Website") will be phased out.

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