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About Dreaming Gates

Facts / Overview
Privacy Policy
Fraud Policy
Anti-Spam Policy
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Customer Testimonials:

"I can't believe your service! Great job."
--Mark A., Washington, DC

"I never thought I'd find that book again. Thank you so much!"
--Cheryl A., New Orleans, LA

"Your prices are great!"
--Bernard G., Camp Verde, AZ

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Facts at a Glance:

  • Founded 1996
  • Senior Partners: Dr. K. M. Rook, Reverend Chira Rook
  • Webmaster: Dr. W. D. Isdell
  • Based in Virginia
  • Over 3,000 items in stock

Dreaming Gates is a retail and wholesale company based in Virginia with roots in New Orleans and New York.   We specialize in unusual gifts, natural products, and metaphysical supplies at great prices.  Our partnership was founded on one precept: deliver whatever our customers need--be it rare, bizarre, or a gift for Grandma--with speed, discretion, and incredible customer service.

Top Reasons to Choose Dreaming Gates:

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed - returns ok, no questions asked
  • FREE GIFT with purchase (request yours today!)
  • Discounts & FREE shipping (orders $100+ - coupons here)
  • Simple packaging for a better environment - plus recycled shipping material wherever possible
  • Priority Mail shipping - at just $6 for any U.S. order, plus free Delivery Confirmation!   (So buy all you want--any amount has the same great flat rate, plus free shipping available for large orders.)
  • Cruelty-free products (NO animal testing, unless you count our staff!)
  • Bargain prices every day, with additional Specials and Sales
  • Custom orders available (most price quotes within 2-3 business days)
  • Unbeatable customer service (contact us and see for yourself)
  • Knowledgeable and trustworthy staff (owned and operated exclusively by ordained ministers, Reiki students, and true Craft practictioners)
  • Incredible 24 hour turnaround with money order payment
  • FREE catalogs and price-lists - and no Spam ever!
  • Great payment options - cash, money orders, checks, gift certificates, electronic checks, Visa & Mastercard online, Western Union, and COD.
  • Trust.   We are fully licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia, registered with the U.S. federal government, and monitored constantly from within.  Our public records are on display at the county courthouse of Stafford, VA, as well as the Virginia Taxation Bureau in Richmond, VA.   In addition, we adhere to the strict guidelines of TRUSTe, for protecting privacy on the internet.*
See Ordering Info for details and specifics.

Privacy Policy: Privacy is extremely important, and we absolutely respect that.  We will NEVER sell, trade, or give away your personal information, unless required by law.   Period.  All physical information is stored in a locked facility accessible only by Dreaming Gates staff, and online information is protected with reasonable measures of security given the limitations of ever-changing technology and capital.

Customers may remove themselves from the mailing list, or update their information, at any time and at no cost by sending us an email, fax, or letter.

Cookies, for cart only: Our shopping cart will set a cookie when you add to your cart.   What type?   Only the item you just added.   (Not your name, address, phone number, or college roommate's favorite color.)   Later the shopping cart reads that cookie so you can check out.   We will never create any other kind, nor will we read cookies other than ours.   Not only is that behavior in very poor taste, but we consider it an invasion of privacy.

Fraud Policy:  We actively prosecute fraudulent purchases and activities to the fullest extent of the Law.   This includes involving local, state, and federal authories when necessary.  N.B.: Sending an order in someone else's name without their consent is fraud.   Intentionally bouncing a check, or making an order without intention of payment, is also fraud.   We prosecute both.

Anti-Spam Policy (a.k.a. "We Burn Spam"): We hate Spam, and we won't send it.  Ever.   In fact, we go out of our way to stop unsolicited mailings, and we actively penalize those who Spam us (below).  Our only mailings are as follows: emails concerning specific orders made, and mailing list newsletters ONLY for those who have actively and knowingly joined the list.

A list of anti-spam sites is available on our Extras page.

Sending us Spam:  Not a good idea.  We routinely report "Spammers," who may be penalized in accordance with the Electronic Communications Act of Virginia. (We welcome hearing about relevant products and services.  But we don't need to lose weight, take a vacation, or see scantily-clad persons in our Inbox.  You know what we mean!)   Just in case, we define Spam as any communication that is unsolicited, plus grossly irrelevant to our business, intentiontally misleading, and/or sent en masse.  Lastly, sending ads through our order-link, or otherwise trying to trick us, is still Spam.   Offenders will be prosecuted under Virginia law.   Period.

History: Using their personal savings, two dedicated Craft practitioners founded Dreaming Gates in mid-1996 in Stafford, VA.  Six months later, together, they opened the first retail outlet in the French Market of New Orleans, but soon shifted to e-commerce.  The first DG website was located at  Due to problems with that ISP, however, they soon switched to, using a URL redirection service in order to achieve the address   (That redirection service has since gone under.)    On January 17, 2000, they purchased, and remain there today.

The Legal Stuff our Lawyers Make Us Mention:

License Agreement: This website is provided under the following license agreement, which defines what you may or may not do with this website. This license is granted by Dreaming Gates Partnership for users worldwide.

Link to full page.

Legal Disclaimer: The following disclaimer applies to this website, our products, and the Dreaming Gates Partnership in general, worldwide.

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*- Our voluntary adherence to TRUSTe's regulations does not indicate any endorsement from TRUSTe, its officers, assigns, or members.  We hold our voluntary cooperation to mean the same, if not more, to our valued customers.  To view the TRUSTe guidelines, please visit:

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