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Incense and Accessories

Incense stick in holder.

Reminder: Always use caution and choose a well-ventilated area when burning incense

Now we've upgraded to an even higher-grade oil. Our incense is crafted with the same, exquisite fragrance oils that go into professional perfumes. Our incense accessories come from natural sources, featuring some of the finest herbs, polished brass, and glistening wood.  All our sticks, cones, and powder are handmade when you order, for the ultimate in freshness and strength.

We feature unique, proprietary blends as well as familiar single scents.   All of our incense is specially prepared with perfume-grade fragrance oils and natural plant extracts. Each also has a metaphysical application.

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Sticks, Cones, & Powder

Hand-made when you order, for the utmost in rich scent.   Each is hand-dipped twice, drenched in oils, and empowered.   Wood-based for authentic quality.

- Angelorum ™   - Casting Circle ™   - Celtic Twilight ™   - Clove   - Dragon's Blood   - DragonKind ™   - Enochian Pyramid ™   - Faye Folk ™   - Frankincense   - Jasmine   - Lavender   - Myrrh   - Old Ways ™   - Patchouli   - Sandalwood   - Sphinx ™   - Strawberry  

Herbs & Natural Incense

We feature some of the finest natural herbs available, from spirit-cleansing sage wands and cedar, to rare and precious resins such as Frankincense and Myrrh.

- Cedar   - Benzoin Resin   - Frankincense Resin   - Myrrh Resin   - Myrrh Powder   - Sage Smudge  

Incense Accessories

Use these ashcatchers with our incense sticks, charcoal with our resins, or any of the above with our brass censors.

- Charcoal   - Ashcatchers   - Brass Censers  

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